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Suggestions to help optimize your working space

An organized shop is a more efficient one. How much time do you waste daily looking for tools? If you don’t think you do, log your actions for a day. Are you surprised? You can completely control misplaced tools by assigning each a designated space. Now label the location so you can easily spot when anything is out of place.

  • Keep accessories and consumable goods stored within easy reach of their coordinating equipment.
  • Use compartmentalized boxes to organize quick-turn repair needs: earring backs, lobster clasps, spring rings, jump rings, imitation birthstones, fabricated metals, etc.
  • Bench top organizers can help maintain an orderly bench all within easy reach.
  • Store extra buffs and rouges in drawers at your polishing station.
  • Keep your burs organized and labeled in one of our handy bur holders.

The bench is your foundation. While no jeweler’s bench is exactly like another, these suggestions ensure you’ve fully optimized your workspace in a way that works best for you.


Foredom® Bench System: A Must-Have

The Foredom® Bench System brings ultimate organization to your workspace. The raised swinging arm attachments allow for quick and easy tool storage and eliminate bench-top clutter, all while keeping necessities within your reach. The add-on options for this gadget are endless: from a pivoting LED light bar, an accessory tray, a bur holder, a double sided magnetic tool arm or a double motor hanger, just to name a few. This tool system will transform your effectiveness at the bench while the endless accessory options allow for step-by-step additions that won’t break your budget.


Bur Holders

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Compartmental Storage

Fill these handy drawers with different types of findings, stringing materials, solder chips, and anything else to get the job done. This clear-view tray with magnetic closure includes 24 vials with swing-top lids. This utility cabinet features 60 drawers to keep small parts separate and easy to find. The one piece frame even has keyhole slots for wall mounting.
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Plier Holders

This plastic plier rack keeps them organized, accessible and easy to identify. Hang pliers, screwdrivers, and other miscellaneous metal tools with this magnetic tool holder. It holds tools securely in place with permanent magnets and mounts with screws. This wooden plier rack with drawer holds your pliers, has a small shelf for tools and a storage drawer to keep your necessities at hand.
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Tool Storage

This wood carryall features a plier bar, hooks, a place for wire and cord spools, a tabletop ruler and a top shelf for all holding tools. Keep tools handy and organized while clearing your work area with this tool holder. This tool storage enables you to store all of them easily and find them quickly. This bench top organizer fits perfectly on your bench or work table. It contains space for findings, tools, and accessories and organizes it all with four drawers for stowaway items.
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With a 6″ reach in any direction, this adjustable swing arm’s exclusive design, developed here at Stuller, gives you an extra hand when setting or engraving. When set in the adjustable swing arm, this Microblock Ball Vise’s compact design simplifies microscope work. Use it for engraving, stone setting,  and other precision work. The Little Torch™ Magnetic Holder keeps your torch near your bench and is particularly helpful as you change your tip repeatedly throughout the day.

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